• NetSTAR, Inc.

    “The training content is flexibly customized according to each participant’s challenging area. ”The content of the training matched my actual business reality. “Acquiring better English skills has given me the momentum to improve not only my own skills but that of my team

    We spoke to a participant who continues the Canning 1to1 Business English Skills training more than 3 years. The participant shared positive feedback about her experience with Canning 1to1 training.

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  • NetSTAR, Inc.

    -“There was also a positive impact on sales.”
    -“As the number of members who could speak English increased, the management was able to focus more on its core work.”
    -“Ms. Sugawara learned English at a level that can be described as "work-ready"

    We asked the participants’ manager to share his thoughts on our training programs and their effects on their business.

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  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

    -“The training is always rated 4.8 or higher on a scale of 1-5. Consultants sometimes receive perfect scores.”
    -“Canning's highly experienced consultants are all on point.”

    In the interview, we take a detailed look at the highly positive feedback from this client.

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  • Callaway Golf Co., Ltd.

    We created a completely original customised training program to help the client achieve its plan to support diverse career advancement for women. The participants expressed high praise for the training. After finishing the training, the participants commented that they could see their goals more clearly and liked their company even more than before.

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  • PERSOL Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

    -“Saville assessment reports are extremely high in reliability.”
    -“Data essential for placing the right people in the right jobs.”

    The managers provided positive feedback about their experience with Saville Assessments.

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  • NGK Insulators, Ltd.

    "The training programme provides a high-quality learning experience that lasts for nine months."
    "In less than a year from joining the company, the participants graduated from the programme with mindsets geared towards international business. They acquired study habits that will enhance their careers for years to come." We spoke to the managers at the company to sound out the thoughts behind their opinions.

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  • GlaxoSmithKline K.K.

    -“Everything we did was in English, which helped me quickly improve.”
    -“It wasn't easy, but I'd do it again.”

    We spoke to two participants who completed the Canning study abroad programme in the UK. Both shared positive impressions of an intense and fulfilling month-long programme in London.

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  • JCG Corporation

    -“Canning's consultants are native English speakers with a great passion for what they do.”
    -“New hires who struggled with English transformed into confident businesspeople.”

    We asked the HR supervisor to share her thoughts on our training programmes.

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  • Electronic Arts, Inc.

    -“Canning is a treasured business partner I can go to for advice on anything. They are my most trusted advisor.” This HR supervisor has been working with Canning for over 8 years. Here we delve behind the scenes of that partnership.

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