What is the difference between Canning training and lessons at English language schools?

At Canning, we don’t focus on English skills alone. We focus on skills to enable people to do business in English. We start with the English skills the person has, though they may be weak, and work on maximizing their skills from that point. We teach only English for business. Our goal is to develop practical skills, not just to enjoy speaking English like those in English language schools.

How does the training work?

Participants will practice role-­playing business scenarios. Our consultants carefully observe them and give detailed feedback on how they speak and act. Participants acquire appropriate expressions and new communication skills in the process. The simulations become increasingly more challenging as the course progresses.

Why do you believe so firmly in practical training?

When learning to do presentations, it’s important to do them only in English, like in a real-life situation, or you won’t feel the proper sense of tension. Otherwise, it’s not as effective — like swimming on dry land. Lots of practical training is a must. At Canning, we maximize the effectiveness of training by taking participants out of their comfort zones.

What are the consultants like?

Our consultants come from many countries including England, Japan, the U.S., New Zealand, the Philippines, Germany, and India. They all have backgrounds in business and are passionate about talent development. Some hold MAs, MBAs or doctorate degrees. We offer services both in English and Japanese. All our Japanese consultants are bilingual.

Do you have any strategies to raise the quality of consultants?

We have regular workshops for consultants where they share their development experiences, and this enhances the quality of our training sessions. Our talent develop­ment manager observes the consultants’ training sessions regularly and provides appro­priate feedback to improve training skills.

Are your training and consulting services available only in Japan?

No, we also offer our services globally, from our offices in England and Italy, as well.

What kind of people use your services?

Everyone from entry-level employees to executives, both foreign nationals and Japan­ese. We provide our services to all kinds of business people. For example, we regularly offer a course for Nissan Motor Corporation called, “Working with Japanese Partners”. Through this course, non-Japanese participants learn to better communicate with Japanese people by getting to know their culture and customs. We also have inter­national participants in our business skills training sessions at JGC Corporation.

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