Reason No. 1Our extensive experience in successfully tackling challenges

The members of the Canning team have considerable experience as businesspeople, just like the participants who take the courses. Their qualifications extend well beyond the ability to speak English, the centrepiece skill offered by the instructors at many English language schools. Our experience in business is our prime enabler as providers of practical services backed by a strong awareness of real business settings. Many of our consultants have distinguished credentials such as top-class academic degrees, remarkable business experience, or previous careers at first-rate companies. For our native English-speaking consultants, being in Japan is in itself an international experience. The daily challenges of living and working abroad give them a first-hand understanding of the difficulties their training participants face in international settings.

Reason No. 2Satisfying results through tailored training

Our training participants and corporate clients face challenges of every kind. A one-sided training-programme too narrow to address the scope of their challenges is unlikely to produce satisfying results. The training programmes we provide at Canning are tailor-made to completely fulfil the requests and demands of our clients. We are always ready to change our programmes as needed to provide satisfying results. The training sessions-and the active communication between consultants and participants they involve-follow the same flexible approach. Flexibility is another feature of our services made possible by the many challenges our consultants have experienced. Canning consultants provide frank and thorough feedback to help participants recognise both weaknesses and strengths they never noticed within themselves. The self-knowledge our sessions offer is another assurance of satisfying results.

Reason No. 3One-stop support for the ongoing process of human resources development.

High-quality training is just one of our strengths. Our greatest strength at Canning is the ability to work in all areas of human resources development. Unlike providers of standardised training sessions, Canning offers consulting services based on careful study of the challenges the client needs to address. Our strengths in tailoring training effectively to specific issues and challenges help us take the quickest routes to practical solutions instead of sticking to the theories alone. A range of expertise unmatched in our field and an ability to offer a one-stop service bolster our power to support your needs in human resources development going forward.

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