Saville Assessment

Cutting-edge Psychometric Assessment

“Saville Assessment Wave” is a leading-edge, highly accurate assessment tool. Canning became the official partner of Saville in 2012 and we are dedicated to providing and expanding its services.

High Level of Accuracy in Individual and Organizational Assessments3 points

  • Strength 1Accuracy Leading to the Best Decisions

    The Saville Assessment was rated the most accurate in “Project Epsom,” a comparison study of twenty-nine assessment tools used worldwide. This high level of validity and reliability provides essential information in recruiting and choosing future leaders. We can provide feedback on the assessment results to candidates, managers, HR, and other key stakeholders, as needed.

  • Strength 2Crucial Information for Talent Management

    Competency, potential, cultural “fit” talent, motivations — these are just a few examples of the types of information the Saville Assessment can provide. This valuable information can be used for recruiting or developing talent, evaluating employees, fostering succe­ssors, improving corporate culture, or for building a competency model. This assessment has been used effectively in helping organizations find the most suitable talent for the position and support their ongoing professional development.

  • Strength 3Complete Support for Global Recruitment

    The Saville assessment reports can be issued in many different languages, making global recruiting much easier. For example, if the candidate is English, the HR personnel is Japanese, and the manager is French, the assessment reports can be provided in all three languages. This makes for stress-free global recruiting. Professor Peter Saville, a leader in the field of psychometric assessment since the 1970s, has expanded the assessment services to thirty-five languages in eighty countries.

Sample Assessment Report

Summary of the candidate’s thought, influence, adaptability, and delivery

An executive summary of the candidate’s profile is created based on his or her assessment responses. The summary covers four categories-thought, influence, adaptability, and delivery-each of which is further broken down into three subcategories. Overall, therefore, the summary provides information on the candidate in 12 categories.

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Reveals potential abilities

The Competency Potential Profile reports the results of an analysis by the Saville Consulting Wave assessment tool to gauge the candidate’s potential abilities. The analysis draws on data collected from various countries around the world to compare the candidate’s responses with performance on an international level.

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Assessment from all perspectives, from the candidates themselves to their managers, colleagues, and junior employees

The Saville Consulting Wave Performance 360 assessment is based on responses from not only the candidates themselves, but also their managers, colleagues, and junior employees. A one-page report is provided on each of four categories: solving problems, influencing people, adapting approaches, and delivering results.

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