The combination of our high quality training and highly accurate online assessment is the best solution for complicated problems. This approach will lead you to optimal results.

Solve Problems with the 
Highest Degree of Accuracy3 points

  • Strength 1Clarify Needs Using the Highest Level of Assessment

    One of the main consulting services is the “Assessment Center.” At Canning, abilities of a team or individual are measured objectively and scientifically using the “Saville Assessment Wave,” a highly trusted tool used in thirty-five countries. (See Page 10) This assessment, along with an interview, will reveal the needs of teams or individuals so we can offer appropriate training or provide personal development plans.

  • Strength 2Find Optimal Solutions

    We tailor-make workshops and coaching programs based on the result of precise assessments. That is why we can target the specific needs of a team or individual to improve them effectively. The benefit of seeing the process through from start to finish is that we can fully commit to your growth without losing sight of your purposes and goals. This is the ultimate goal of our consulting services. Our services can all be offered in English and Japanese.

  • Strength 3Real Changes to Improve Performance

    Identify the competencies your team needs and look for people who can provide them. Discover potential leaders and nurture their competencies. Moreover, build teams of the right people for the right positions and approaches to ensure the success of your corporate culture. Canning’s expertise covers recruitment, succession planning and talent development. Our talent development services are available for individuals or organizations, from newly hired employees to senior executives.

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