To Develop & Empower World Class Talent.

Canning was established in London in 1965 and launched in Japan more than twenty years later, in 1986. We credit the success of our business pursuits over the years to the trust our clients place in us. Our teams have earned the confidence of clients by consistently striving for quality in their services and training and producing results that exceed expectations. Through hard work and a focus toward optimum services, we have perfected our abilities to provide effective solutions , groups small enough to attend to everyone’s needs, or, and highly capable consultants with extensive business experience and an understanding of Japanese business practices. The results these abilities reap are clear not only to the participants themselves, but to everyone around them. As we were developing our training services, clients also began to receive requests that we were unable to fully offer under our existing programmes. We responded by establishing our consulting services to provide solutions tailored to their requests. By bringing the training and consulting functions together, we formed a system of services clients could use more flexibly to address their demands in human resources development and recruitment. To pursue our vision of “developing and empowering world-class talent,” we work to foster talented people with the qualifications to take the lead on the global stage. At Canning & Associates, we look forward to providing further services and supporting clients as a reliable and effective partner in the future.


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