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Brush up the English skills essential for business in a short, two-week intensive training programme in London. Think and speak in English all the time. See amazing results with Canning UK through this short term study abroad programme.

Make Incredible Progress in an Exceptional Environment3 points

  • Strength 1Total Immersion Ensures Speedy Improvement.

    Every moment, from the time you step foot in London, you will be improving your English. Not only through practical training exercises, but you will also have lots of opportunities to brush up your English over lunch or coffee breaks with your trainer. Outside the training room, you will be taken to pubs, museums, or concerts, where you’ll be totally immersed in the language. Training occurs anywhere and everywhere. That’s “Canning UK”.

  • Strength 2The Ultimate Location

    London — the city you’ve always longed to visit. It’s the perfect place to study abroad. The Canning UK training center is in the heart of London, right next to the British Museum. We can arrange two types of accommodation. You can enjoy chatting and honing your English skills over break­fast and dinner with your host family in a homestay, or stay at a hotel near the training center for a reasonable, flat rate year-round.

  • Strength 3Highest Quality Training — Anytime, Anywhere

    “Canning Next” is the perfect training programme for the busy professional. It is an incredibly flexible online program where you can train with native English-speaking trainers, without leaving Japan. You can even join it late in the evening after work, since our UK office is still open because of the time difference. Use it to warm up before negotiating an important deal, or as a follow-up after returning to Japan from training with Canning UK.

Voice of ParticipantsA week immersed in English, led by business professionals


Marketing division member at a British investment firm. Age: 30s

I managed to do business in English, but I wasn’t fluent. I chose the Canning UK study abroad programme because I hoped to immerse myself completely in English, all day every day. My hopes were realized. Everything I did was in English: the training, which was practical in every respect, and the interactions and chats with my classmates and host family. I made excellent progress and came home really satisfied with my stay in London, even though it lasted for only a week.

If I was to take such a course, I wanted to do it in London, a city I had always dreamed of visiting.

The Canning UK training centre is in the heart of London, just next to the British Museum. The place was perfect, a guarantee I would enjoy my first experience studying abroad. If the aim of joining the programme was to immerse myself in English, why not choose a city I would surely enjoy?

A homestay is a chance to live like a local.

A homestay let’s one experience what daily life is really like in a new and foreign place. Time spent with the host family, like mealtimes, are a golden opportunity to discuss topics other than business. I wanted to do a homestay to brush up on my skill in conversing on all kinds of topics. Fluent conversation is a vital skill for any businessperson who hopes to pursue a global career.

The training allows one to polish both one's business skills and English proficiency.

The practical sessions in Canning’s course help one improve one’s business skills and English proficiency at the same time. All of the consultants are abundantly experienced in business and have engaging personalities. The participants are also grouped by ability to ensure that every person gets the right training. The courses captured my interest every minute, as all of the subjects and activities were tailored to my level.

I think British English is well-suited to business scenarios.

I prefer British English over American English, perhaps because I work for a British investment firm. I think British English suits business scenarios well, as it usually has a more formal ring to it. That’s another reason why I chose to study abroad in London.

Being in London is an opportunity to enjoy British specialty dishes to your heart's content.

London gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy British specialty dishes such as fish and chips or real British scones. I made sure to take full advantage of that at lunchtimes, which I spent with the consultants and classmate friends.

A chance to pick up native pronunciation

I spent the first session of the afternoons in the language laboratory. We listened to our own spoken English through headphones and got feedback from consultants monitoring us remotely. This was a shortcut to improving our pronunciation and picking up natural expressions to ensure that we sounded more like native speakers.

The coffee breaks were a chance to interact with people from different countries.

In the breaks, I joined the other participants out by the coffee machine in the lobby. One of the things I looked forward to each day was getting to know businesspeople from countries such as France, Germany, and Brazil. Our chats in the lobby were also an opportunity for me to improve my English.

Every aspect of the training was practical.

The training involved role-playing in specific business scenarios-meetings, negotiations, presentations-so it was practical in every respect. I polished up my skill at expressing subtle nuances.

Training continues outside the classroom.

The training didn’t end as soon as we left the classroom. Everything we did after training-conversations with classmates at the pub, watching a play, and the like-was in English. That was another benefit of studying abroad: spending one’s evenings enjoying the exciting activities London has to offer and improving one’s English at the same time.

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